Lighting Tips in a Contemporary Home

Lighting is a design element that you rarely notice. Because of the simple and elegant look of a contemporary room, good use of light is extremely important. The use of light in contemporary design can influence the overall look of a room just as much as the use of color. While the design of the lamp is important in any home decorating style, in a contemporary room the illumination of light itself is an essential design element.

One of the most common types of lighting in contemporary design is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting offers many different benefits. Recessed lighting can illuminate an entire room without disturbing the flow of the room. Adjustable recessed lighting can also be angled to highlight design elements such as a painting or other focal point.

If you have a dark corner that can’t be illuminated without interfering with the design of the room, consider using an adjustable uplight. These lights are designed to sit on the floor, with the light illuminating the darkened area.

Other contemporary light fixtures such as lamps and chandeliers can be used in a couple of different ways. You can choose light fixtures that have a simple design, so as to blend in with the rest of the room. Light fixtures that are designed to be a focal point, such as those with a dramatic color or shape, can add a creative pop to an otherwise streamlined room.

No matter what type of lighting you choose to use in your home, a great way to customize it for any occasion is to install dimmer switches. By using dimmer switches, you can create the perfect lighting for anything from an intimate dinner to a festive family gathering.

Much like color, light itself has different qualities and can create different moods. The most versatile and clear light is halogen. Halogen works very well with contemporary design because of the bright and simple quality of the light it creates. Halogen light is very bright, so should always be used with a dimmer switch. Incandescent, or traditional, light bulbs will cast a softer, warmer light that is flattering to the skin. Using incandescent light in the bedrooms and dining room can create a more comfortable and intimate mood.

Each room should be lighted based upon what the room is used for as well as how often it is used. The rooms where your family gathers every day to eat, talk and play should be more brightly lit. Brightly lit rooms create an energetic and positive mood. Rooms that are designed to unwind in, such as a bedroom or sitting area should be more softly lit in order to encourage relaxation and comfort.

Rooms that aren’t used often should have variable levels of lighting. Soft lighting will illuminate the room nicely while it’s not in use. Using minimal lighting in rooms not in use can also keep children and pets from being drawn to the room.

Light, when used properly, will be something that you barely even notice. Using the right type of light in each room will make the design of your entire home come together.


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