Dating Girls Tips – Why Celebrities Don’t Know How to Date and What We Can Learn From Them

In dating girls, there is one group of people that have all what they want and seem to be blessed with everything in the world. However, they will be terrible attracting and dating. The group I’m talking about is celebrities, for the most part, their dating life is worthless, here is why and more importantly how to be better than them dating girls:

I’ve watched lately a celebrity known by many people who was having very bad troubles with his girlfriend; she was suing him and making a mess out of his life.

This person I’m talking about has it all, his house has been shown in MTV cribs some years ago and it’s simply superb, he owns many cars and has probably a very fat bank account.

Yet, this guy is having troubles with all the girls he meet and doesn’t seem to be learning from his lessons in life with girls, here is what he is doing wrong:

The first thing celebrities do wrong is they think that it’s all about the looks กลุมลับ

Yes, this is the first problem they are going to do. And I don’t mean just the way they look or dress, I mean the way people see them.

They will never be dating a girl who is average looking or a girl that has a brain, they will be dating a girl their agent probably gave them permission to date and they are going to consider how people are going to see them with this girl.

This is the first issue with celebrities’ dating.

Let me ask you this question: How many celebrities do you know have girlfriends outside the showbiz circle? Probably very few.

The second thing celebrities do wrong when dating girls is they ignore them

Dating a girl isn’t about satisfying your needs, it’s taking responsibility for someone else too. Most celebrities will be dating a girl and at the same time partying all night long and going on tours or some showbiz thing. They will have a very limited time for the girl.

A girl likes fame, money and statues, but she will never be able to cope with loneliness. For a girl, it’s better to be with an unknown broke guy who will kiss her on the forehead before sleeping than being with a millionaire whom she will see once a month.

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