How To Enjoy Casino Promotions

A new startup is built upon an idea and once the idea is converted into a product, often comes a stage where the need arises for Series A Funding to further expand the company, add new features to the product, retain employees etc. Via funding from VCs, companies like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become what they are today.

Let’s say that you have conceived an idea of developing a social casino app for multiple mobile platforms and you have a firm belief in the success of the app. However, you don’t have enough money to even kick off development of the product. As you need a team of developers, graphic designer, product manager etc to develop the social casino app, you need to have enough funds to pay them salaries in exchange of turning your idea into reality. You might think your idea is brilliant, but when you eventually opt for Series A Funding, you must have something significant to show to investors to convince them that your social casino app is worth funding to get good ROI. By the time you gear up for Series A Funding round, your social casino app should also have impact user base to lure VCs into funding your social casino app startup.

How you can arrange enough funds to begin you Social Casino App Development and make it apt for Series A Funding?

You can first seek funds from your friends and family members to get your social casino app development underway. Chances are always high that the money you collect from your friends and family is not enough to keep your startup afloat for long. In such a case, you can rope in a co-founder to get his/her money to support your startup, in addition to skills and enthusiasm to add value to your social casino app. The co-founder will also get more money through his/her friends and family members, thus you can have enough money at your disposal to keep your startup alive for longer time and bear expenses of infrastructure, tools and employees your social casino app development would require.

Role of Angel Investors to help you make your Social Casino App ready for Series A Funding

If the co-founder is even unable to make your social casino app ready for Series A Funding, you can approach angel investors. Angel investors are basically those investors who invest a small amount of money in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. An angel investor is different from an institutional venture capitalist, who invests money of other people. Angel investing has seen a rapid rise in recent years since many affluent individuals consider investing in a startup as a better opportunity to earn good ROI than conventional ways of investing.

An important point to note here is that you need to register your company before you go for angel investment round. You can register your company either through a lawyer or online services. Angel investors usually invest in a startup based on how much they believe you startup values at.

How would you figure out the percentage of the company you need to offer to an angel investor in exchange of his/her important funding?

Let’s consider that an angel investor has valued your startup at $5,00,000 and agrees to invest $50,000. Now, you need to apply simple mathematical calculation. Add pre-angel funding valuation to the angel funding, and the resulting figure is post-angel funding valuation of your startup.

$5,00,000(pre-angel funding valuation) + $50,000 (angel funding) = $5,50,000 (post-angel funding valuation) Situs Judi Online

To obtain the percentage of the company you need to offer to the angel investor, divide angel funding by post-angel funding valuation.

$50,000/$5,50,000= 1/11= 9.09%

So, the angel investor gets 9.09% of your company by funding $50,000 in your social casino app.

Deploying such strategies would take your startup forward to the door of Series A Funding. Although every investment increases valuation of your company, you need to be careful as you could lose control over your company by going for unnecessary funding.

Once your social casino app is ready and has impact numbers of registered users, you can finally go for Series A Funding. Your social casino app might only have Android users as of now as you didn’t have enough money to develop your social casino app for multiple mobile platforms. VC funding will help you not only to do so, but add other important features to your app as well to keep users coming back.

VCs will also invest in your company based on how much they value your company at, which actually depends upon several abstract factors, like feasibility of your idea of social casino app, your previous experience in digital game development, academic background of you and your employees, and many more.


10 Tactics On How To Win Money At The Casino

A casino is a place where you can bet and play games to earn money. Do you want to win money in a casino? Well, it is a great place to win a jackpot. Many casinos use tactics so that the players do not win the game.

Tactics to learn and win money in casino

If you follow some approaches, then there will be high chances for you to win the game in the casino. Below mentioned are the points for you to know how to win money at the casino:

  1. Cash Out- The casino dealers’ advice the players on the games. It helps them to make money from the players. They advise on the game like for example blackjack.
  1. Hidden Costs- The slot of machines depends on coins payout. If you want to win a jackpot, use large numbers of coins. UFABET
  1. Avoid falling prey- In casinos, there are people, who will claim that they pro in casino games and will turn you into a multi-millionaire. But before you follow their tricks and tips, you should not blindly trust them.
  1. Take a break- Some players are so passionate while playing that they forget to take a break. You should always take small breaks, refresh your mind, eat something and then come back to play again.
  1. Say No to Drink and Play– If you are drunk and not in your good sense, then avoid playing casino games. Or else the casino will play with you. You will not be in the situation to realize the fact. Once you finish the game, then you can drink.
  1. Focus on Time- You should always wear a watch in a casino. If you are on the table and losing the game in the first 10 minutes, then it is time for you to leave. You can set an alarm that will save you from further loss.
  1. Control your money- You need to limit the amount of money on the bet. The players cannot think of money control during the game time. So, do the calculations before you start the game.
  1. Know when to quit- If you want to win a jackpot, then you must know to quit. Whenever you have a doubt, you should leave the game rather than trying the luck.
  1. Won the game, take it home- Even if you won a small amount, do not forget to take it back. Do not wait for big fortune or else you will end up losing it.
  2. Winning Odds- There is no need to be a genius in maths to play casino games. Before you bet on the game, you need proper and good calculation of the game.

The Top Ten Casino Hotels in Nevada

Playing has been a quality supply of enjoyment for persons and is without doubt one of the oldest professions. Playing has advanced greatly and a massive style of casino games are on hand. Over the last a number of decades, playing has been further boosted really a bit by means of the rise of on line casino inns. Principal inns have started so as to add casinos as everlasting materials of their leisure catalogs. These kinds of on line casino motels were developed in Reno, Nevada and Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world.

Harrah’s on line casino inn and The Circus hotel and on line casino,  cara menang judi bola  each located in Reno, Nevada, are a pleasant alternative for anybody looking for amusement, eating and most significantly, on line casino action at its first-rate.

The Peppermill is a fashionable on line casino resort that can be located in Reno. It attracts a couple of thousand customers each year and boosts over a thousand high-priced guestrooms. Another bit Reno established casino lodge is the Atlantis on line casino inn which attracts a lot of vacationers each yr.

The Aladdin lodge casino is a favorite destination for tourists and is placed in Las Vegas. It has a core eastern theme and the property is locates on 34 acres of land and has over 2500 guestrooms. The Bellagio is one more general casino resort and is known for its based dancing fountains with choreographed mild and sound exhibit. It boosts over three thousand guestrooms and has a tremendous casino.

Caesars Palace has been a favorite for visitors and Hollywood celebrities alike. It features a Roman theme and offers plenty of amusement events aside from the casino as well. The MGM Grand motel and on line casino real redefines luxurious and points over five thousand guestrooms to cater to the hundreds of thousands of visitors it receives every 12 months. Other wellknown on line casino motels include The Mirage and The Ballys casino. There are a quantity of significant on line casino motels in Atlantic metropolis as good.

Casino Events – Advice and Information


On line casino movements are the satisfactory method to get your friends worried to your get together, it can be a satisfactory ice breaker and which you can rent them for company parties, birthdays, fundraisers, work events and any other type of event. On line casino movements are at all times tons of enjoyable, you and your visitors will believe that they’re on your favorite on line casino but without the fee!


A couple of enjoyable on line casino corporations can present each table that you would be able to assume; that you could decide on from Roulette, Blackjack, casino Stud Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Craps and many more. The inspiration of the night is to win as many on line casino chips as feasible to win a prize.


As persons enter your venue they are going to Casino Online Terpercaya   be greeted by means of a Croupier and given fun cash in order that they are able to play at the tables. After they decide they want to check out their good fortune they’ll reward the fun cash to the croupier on the tables and the croupier will alternate it for chips, just like in a typical casino. The goal of the sport is then quite simple, win as so much as that you may before the tip of the night time to get your arms on the prizes.


You are not looking for that many men and women to keep a on line casino event both, I personally have held a casino celebration for as little as 20 men and women and the Roulette and Blackjack tables had been a large hit. For the company events it maybe a excellent notion to theme your on line casino occasion and make it right into a Las Vegas Theme or James Bond Theme night time. There are most effective a handful of firms that can manage the full event, but it is good valued at going to only one vendor so that you could control it way more readily and furthermore, if all of the on line casino apparatus and prop rent is coming from one position, you might be absolutely going to save some cash on the total fee of the evening.


The bigger casino hobbies companies can be able to cater for as many persons as you could fit into your venue, as a few of them inventory up to 80 tables and have a lot of respectable croupiers that they may be able to send alongside to have fun together with your friends. The only thing you need to believe about is area on the venue, notably in the event you decide to rent some props or any additions equivalent to Chocolate Fountains, or Vodka Luges, communicate to the casino activities enterprise of your option to see if they are able to give any of these extras.


Some excellent advice is to decide on a casino hobbies enterprise that’s equipped to cater for the smaller celebration as well because the larger corporate parties with a number of hundred company. They have got to be in a position to show you pics of their equipment so that you know that your friends are going to get the Wow factor after they stroll in through the door.

If your finances permits, ensure that you just ask you on line casino routine company in the event that they do any extras, equivalent to magicians, or prop hire, to make your night a little extra exact. If you haven’t determined a just right organization but, then make certain that you simply use Google and go through the listings with a high-quality toothed comb, as a manufacturer’s website in general speaks volumes about them.