Are Oral B Toothbrushes Really Better Than the Competition?

We all know that electric toothbrushes are proven to remove more plaque than manual brushes, but which electric toothbrushes are the best?

Oral B claims that their toothbrush is recommended by more dentists than any other. What are the real pros and cons of choosing an Oral B toothbrush?

For starters, even the least expensive Oral B brushes have been proven to reduce up to twice as much plaque than a manual brush. This means fewer trips to the dentist for cleanings, and an overall healthier smile!

They also make a wide variety of models to suit anyone’s needs. From timers to tell you how long to brush, to sensors that alert you if you’re brushing too hard and even sonic technology to remove stains, Oral B certainly manufactures the widest variety of toothbrushes.

In some of their higher end models, you can even customize your tooth brushing experience. You can set the brush to sensitive cleaning, whitening, daily care, or even a deep cleaning for that fresh from the dentist clean feeling!

All of their toothbrushes have ergonomic, rubberized, non-slip grips – so no more dropping your slippery brush in the sink!

The rechargeable models will last for up to 5 days on a single charge, meaning you can even take it travelling for the weekend without bringing a pesky charger or extra batteries, like some of their competitors’ brushes.

One of the biggest expenses involved in owning an electric toothbrush can be the replacement heads, which can run upwards of $20 each! But among leading electric toothbrush manufacturers, Oral B’s toothbrush heads are typically less expensive.

A huge advantage to an Oral B over other models is the brush head speed. The 9400 model, for example, pulsates 40,000 times per minute, and moves side to side 8,800 times per minute! That is over 48,000 bristle sweeps per minute. The closest competitor only reaches 31,000 sweeps per minute!

They also offer convenient carrying cases, a charger that is easy to transport for travel, different brush heads for different purposes, a brush head that is small enough to clean behind your teeth, and some models even include a tongue freshener!

On the other hand, there are best upholstery steam cleaner some cons – the largest one being the cost of some Oral B models, ranging from $20 all the way up to well over $100. And the Oral B has been known to be louder than the competition, although they don’t produce as much vibration and can be rinsed under running water (which their competitors can’t!)
When it comes down to it, while the Oral B electric toothbrush line may cost a bit more than others, they also offer the best quality, the best results, and the most value for money.

After all, like they say – you get what you pay for!

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